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Broward Office: (954) 983-8000 | Dade Office: (305) 945-2444

Civil Litigation

The field of civil litigation encompasses a wide range of disputes that can arise among companies or between consumers and companies. Making sure you have the right representation for these cases can help you to prevail both in and out of the courtroom setting. Working with a qualified and experienced Hollywood civil litigation lawyer is the best way to deal with these issues and to enjoy the most positive outcomes for all your business-related legal matters.

Disputes Between Businesses

Contractual disputes are among the most commonly litigated matters in the business world. Failure to live up to contractual obligations on time and in the agreed-upon manner can lead to serious issues for companies in our area. Retaining the services of a knowledgeable Hollywood civil litigation lawyer is essential to protect your legal rights and to hold other companies accountable for failure to deliver on their contractual agreements.

Employment Law

The regulations governing employer conduct in the workplace can be complex and confusing. Working with an attorney can help you stay on the right side of the law when dealing with hiring, firing and other employee actions. For employees, the right representation can make a real difference in the outcome of discrimination cases, wage and hour lawsuits and other issues related to the working environment. By entrusting these issues to a qualified Hollywood civil litigation lawyer, you can ensure that your side of the case is represented in and out of court.

Consumer Lawsuits

Defective products, deceptive advertising and fraudulent claims can all lead to consumer lawsuits against Florida companies. In some cases, these claims may be justified and may result in significant financial settlements on the part of the offending company. Other cases may be dismissed due to lack of evidence or failure to prove the charges against the Florida business. Retaining the services of a Hollywood civil litigation lawyer is a good first step for companies and consumers involved in these cases. The right legal representation can ensure the most positive outcomes for your litigation.

The civil litigation experts at the Law Offices of Mark Tudino can provide you with the representation and guidance you need to achieve greater success in your legal endeavors. We work with companies and consumers to find the right solutions for all types of civil litigation, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of our years of experience in this field of law. If you need a professional litigation team, call our offices today. You can reach our Dade County office at 305-945-2444 and our Broward County office at 943-983-8000. At the Law Offices of Mark Tudino, we are committed to the best legal representation for you.